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Ephrata Senior High School4

Ephrata, PA | Lancaster County

December 22, 2013

As a senior who's put up with this school for 3 years, I believe that it's only average. The Arts in Ephrata are spectacular, but the school itself still has lots of wiggle room in their budgeting skills (Their art programs are poorly funded, the teachers usually have to fund it themselves.) The parental involvement seemed shallow to me: The only involvement my parents really had was my grades, which in essence, does not reflect me as a person or student. The student body is a rather discriminating kind as a whole. If you don't confine perfectly, someone will be out to get you for your entire career. And when reports were filed against said discrimination, most cases were swept under the rug. Overall, Ephrata isn't the best, it's also not the worst. It still needs improvement in funding programs and caring for their students. They should also have mandatory spelling tests.

Submitted by a student

February 7, 2010

I am giving Ephrata 5 stars because of their Special Education Department and the Music program. In Special Ed they are outstanding with the students and the individualized attention they provide. Very cooperative with the parents and their needs, too. Music program is outstanding. Washington Education Center is a viable option for alternative education, though I question the motivation it provides for the students. My experience is that WEC offers another way for students to beat the system. Still for some it probably is a good option. I will not rate the sports program because that is no indication of a school's value in my opinion. Finally there are a few teachers who allow students to slide by and pass them on just to get rid of them but these are clearly the exception. Most teachers I have dealt with are very concerned and take their job seriously.

Submitted by a parent

March 3, 2009

Ephrata is a terrible school, believe me I went there. The students are mean, and very unwelcoming. I went there last year and it was the worst year of school for me I hated it. The teachers are horrible they really don't care what you do. I do not recommend this school to anyone.

Submitted by a student

May 4, 2006

I believe that the Ephrata High School is a great school, in a wonderful district. The teachers all seem genuinely concerned for students and take an interest in them. There is an abundance of extracurricular activites, sports, and music activities for students to be a part of, all of which are supported by the school and parents alike. Parents seem to have as much involvement as they wish. This depends on the parent, but for those wishing to be involved, this is very easy to do.

Submitted by a former student

February 1, 2006

The sports teams may not be great, but the music department makes up for it. Ephrata has a strong music department with a concert choir, concert orchestra, and concert band. They provide a quality education from qualified professionals. Parents are free to email or call teachers at any time. The teachers are willing to work with your child to give them the best education possible.

Submitted by a student

July 24, 2005

Music program is excellent, especially the marching Band. The sports teams are mediocre but Ephrata has exciting 'other' extracurricular activities. Academic programs push students to develop their skills. The german program is one of the best in pa.

Submitted by a student

October 13, 2004

This school is a very hard to review school. The teachers are good. The school does try to help with 'Special needs' children. But, yet, I feel they just pass students along, without the student actually learning the content of what was taught.

Submitted by a parent

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