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Conestoga Valley Senior High School6

Lancaster, PA | Lancaster County


November 17, 2014

My daughter is a gifted student who attended Conestoga Valley up until last year, I finally had enough of banging my head against the wall to get the school to acknowledge her GIEP, and pulled her out last spring and entered a cyber school. Unfortunately the Conestoga Valley School District is still fighting sending her paperwork to the new school. Over 6 months later, and I am still having to call the school to beg for test scores and paperwork to be sent, I know my children were not important when they attended this school, and now that I finally pulled them out and got into a decent and responsive school the difference is amazing. If you have gifted children you would not believe the opportunities that exist for enrichment through the cyber schools, it blows the pathetic attempts by Conestoga Valley away. I no longer have to beg for a yearly conference, the cyber school wants to offer interesting and so far amazing options to my kids.

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July 23, 2014

The CV school district overall is OK. When/if your child has special needs they are very hard to work with as they have limited knowledge of how to deal with them properly and get them into mainstream. As for academics.... I feel they have a few really good teachers that make kids want to learn, most others just teach as a "job" (I've heard this straight out of teachers' mouths) - some of these teachers discuss sensitive information at personal gatherings where many parents are. The sports lack greatly - they should spend their money on getting better coaches and newer equipment than getting artificial turf to keep up with the other more affluent towns (the Jone's syndrome). The school district puts way too much emphasis on cramming kids for the PSSA's than to incorporate these academics into the schools plans so kids do not feel so stressed. Many teachers transfer their stress onto the students when the PSSA time comes. Poorly planned academics :-(

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April 6, 2014

This school is great academically. They try to make you thrive as much as possible they can and I loved that. But honestly I hated going there due to so many judgmental people.

January 31, 2012

Overall this school is outstanding with the majority of faculty being genuinely concerned for the students , but throughout the entire high school career of a student, you will eventually begin to see that the emphasis is not toward bettering your child for the future, but rather bettering your child for the PSSA's. As a senior in this high school, I find that the majority of things tested in the SAT's and ACT's have NOT been taught in the high school. I am what is considered to be a great student in multiple Honors and College in the High School classes and I did not feel prepared for the material in these tests even with numerous study techniques and preparations. Unfortunately, these tests do not test on CVHS's best department's specialty. History has by far the most caring and helpful of all the departments. The teachers are very well-rounded and helped in subjects that they do not even specialize in. As a history-buff myself,I was extremely impressed with their knowledge. The bus driver's are treated roughly,and there are some that have been rude with the involvement of cursing,screaming,and just a lack of social skills. The board,despite community meetings,does not listen.

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May 19, 2011

the school was the bast school i have going to in my life and the peolpe there was nices to the students

June 14, 2008

it is a very nice school and lots of after school activites

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May 6, 2008

I am in ninth grade and I love it.

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April 12, 2006

Academic courses programs are good. however, the school focus is on PSSA scores and not the success of the individual students. Availability of extracurricular activities exists but their block scheduling makes it difficult for students to become involved in more than one activity. There classes run for 90 minutes.

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July 17, 2005

I just want to say i was a graduate of cv and have a daughter that is currently attending as a senior. This high school was great when i attended and i am still impressed til this day on the academic programs and extracurricular activities that cv offers.There is something for every child in this school. Every student from special needs to being an honor student is treated fairly with respect and care that every child deserves.My daughter is an honor student, is on the tennis team, and is doing an internship for teaching at the elementary school. She wants to graduate college and become an elementary teacher and this program offered in cv was a great start for her and to see if this was what she really wanted to do before she goes off to college.She is headed in the right direction in life because of CVHS.Thanks CV!!

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