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Lower Dauphin Middle School9

Hummelstown, PA | Dauphin County


July 8, 2014

The teachers are very nice and caring and helped me I get my grades up for high school and the test scores are only slightly low because the minority slow kids from hummelstown buy your house in south Hanover trust me because that's where I live and it's great!!

May 10, 2010

this school is the most boring and harshest school that i have ever been to out of my 10 schools that i have gone to

Submitted by a student

April 29, 2009

This is my daughters first year at the middle school and she is thriving. I am very happy with the transition that has been made. She came from a small private school and I thought she might feel overwhelmed; she has fit right in. The teachers are challanging. She has not experienced this much of a challage before.

Submitted by a parent

May 11, 2006

LDMS is probably as good a school as you can get, given it's size. I have one student who will function fine there. She is strong academically and very organized. My son, who is very smart, but not organized, and not terribly thrilled with academics, does not do well there. The teachers have not been able to figure out how to help him stay organized and involved. There is very little supervision at lunch time....so it's crisis management at all times. This is the same in all big schools, and LDMS is not the biggest around. It works fine for kids who can handle it. It is not working for my son.

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February 23, 2004

my daughter is new to this school this year but its the best school shes been to,the teachers really care about thie kids education and are willing to help them , i love this school

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